What We Do & Questions and Answers

We interview prominent and accomplished H.S. athletes playing in the most participated sports in the nation from four different geographical regions identified by the U.S. Census Bureau Regions and Divisions, including the Northeast, the Midwest, the South and the West. A pool of selected H.S. athletes representing each sport and each geographical region go through an interviewing process to be published in the future “Sports Sprout” sports magazine’s editions. Please, refer to the U.S. map below identifying the States that make each region.

It is truly an honor and privilege for any H.S. athlete to be published in the magazine representing a specific sport, a specific region, the attending H.S., and even the United States of America, as our online sports’ magazine is frequently visited by international viewers.

Our publishing staff takes pride in serving, educating, promoting, and acknowledging various H.S. sports and highly accomplished athletes.


Questions & Answers:

1. Question: How often are you going to publish “Sports Sprout”?

Answer: The “Sports Sprout” H.S. sports magazine will be published monthly. The magazine will be available to view free of charge at www.sportssprout.com. Help your teammates and coaches to find out about this unique sports magazine, as it quickly becomes the most viewed sports magazine among H.S. athletes.

2. Question: Could you advise whether your sports magazine, “Sports Sprout” will interview high school athletes only from a particular city or state?

Answer: The “Sports Sprout” is a nationwide H.S. sports magazine. Only the very best H.S. athletes playing in the most participated sports in the United States will be interviewed for the magazine.

3. Question: I don’t understand how your selection process works. How many athletes are you going to interview from each sport? Which state(s) are you going to be using to locate the best high school athletes?

Answer: Our selection process is simple and straight forward. As per the United States’ Census Bureau Regions and Divisions, there are four statistical regions: the Northeast, the Midwest, the South and the West. Please, refer to the U.S. map above identifying the States that make each region. The four (4) most highly accomplished H.S. athletes in their sports will be interviewed from each region. There will be an additional athlete interviewed for the “Most Improved” from each sport. Each new edition of the H.S. sports’ magazine, “Sports Sprout” will have a total of 40 interviews with the most accomplished H.S. athletes from the most participated sports in the United States.

4. Question: Would you please, clarify what high school sports should athletes play to be interviewed for your magazine, “Sports Sprout”?

Answer: We will be publishing interviews of H.S athletes playing in the following most participated sports in the United States: girls’ and boys’ Track and Field & Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Football and girls’ Volleyball.

5. Question: Why would you interview high school athletes playing only just a few selected sports, why not more sports?

Answer: The selected sports have been identified as the most participated H.S. sports in the United States. The “Sports Sprout” H.S. sports magazine can only publish up to 40 interviews per edition. We believe that H.S. athletes playing other sports could also benefit immensely and be inspired by reading the “Sports Sprout” magazine.

6. Question: How does your nomination or selection process work to “Nominate Athletes”?

Answer: Coaches and teammates and even you could nominate a H.S. athlete for an interview. There are two rules to this process. First, a nominee should play one of the following sports: girls’ and boys’ Track and Field & Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Football and girls’ Volleyball. Second, your nominated athlete had to overcome a major obstacle (an injury, a tragedy or any other life’s changing events) to come back and to play sport(s) again. This H.S. athlete should be an example of perseverance, endurance and hard work. Go to our website, www.sportssprout.com click on “Magazine” and go to “Nominate Athlete”. Fill up requested data and click “Submit Your Information” button. It’s just that simple.

7. Question: Do you mean that if, I play one of the listed sports above and have overcame a tragedy in my life, I could nominate myself and be published under “Nominate Athletes” category in your “Sports Sprout” the high school sports magazine?

Answer: That’s correct…as long as you fulfill two requirements listed above, you are a potential nominee. The concept of this nomination is to inspire and to motivate thousands of other H.S. athletes who might be going through a similar experience. Allow your story to be shared with others and everyone, including you, will win from it.

8. Question: Would you consider interviewing high school athletes from an origin other than the United States, who have excelled athletically in one of the sports that you listed?

Answer: Absolutely, as long as you have shown an outstanding high school performance and are attending high school in the U.S., you are eligible to be interviewed for “Sports Sprout” the H.S. sports’ magazine.

9. Question: What criteria do you use selecting high school athletes to be interviewed for your sports’ magazine the “Sports Sprout”?

Answer: Our Editor and his team go through a detailed searching process finding the best candidates for interviews. Ultimately, selected high school athletes must have demonstrated an outstanding athletic performance in their selected sport at a level of a state, a region, and the country of the United States.

10. Question: I am the 10th grader playing soccer. Last year, I have played at the State Championships with 11th and 12th graders representing our high school. Do you have an age categories that you use, while selecting high school athletes for interviews?

Answer: That’s impressive, and you should be very proud of your athletic accomplishments. Sometimes, an age difference in just one year can make a big difference while competing against older opponents. However, our editorial team does not use age categories to differentiate high school athletes. Our goal is to recognize, and to acknowledge a superior athletic talent and performance of all high school athletes, 9th through 12th grades.

11. Question: Why did my interview not appear in your recent “Sports Sprout” publication, as I was interviewed a month ago?

Answer: Sometimes it can happen because several other high school athletes in your sports and the same region might have been interviewed before you. Please, be patient and your interview should be published in the next “Sports Sprout” publication.

12. Question: Should I expect any money or a gift from anyone for being interviewed and published in “Sports Sprout”?

Answer: You shouldn’t expect anything at all. There will be no money or any kind of gifts given out for your participation. This sports’ magazine is designed to recognize yours, and other H.S. athletes’ outstanding performance in selected sports at the high school level. Chosen athletes should feel privileged to be interviewed for the nationwide H.S. sports’ magazine, the “Sports Sprout”.